OBITUARY: Dave Brockie 1963-2014

Kevin Long
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Dave Brockie was found dead by his roomates last night. He was just a couple months shy of his fifty-first birthday. His cause of death has not been released.

Brockie was best known for his stage persona, "Oderus Urungus" of the comedy-metal band, "Gwar." A Canadian by birth, Brockie spent most of his life in Richmond, Virginia, where, as fortune would have it, he went to school with my wife.

At the time (about 25-28 years ago) he was a straight-edge, and a staunch vegitarian with only one tattoo. He was already full-on into the Gwar thing, and was a pretty phenominal ink-and-pen artist, and funny as hell. He would occasionally raid my wife's closet and steal her clothes to make goofy costumes for himself and the band.

My wife has a perternatural ability to just randomly find things that don't exist without trying. For instance, she'll walk into a gas station, find a package of Super-Elastic Bubble-Plastic and Lawn Darts, pay for 'em, leave. People who've been to the store a million times before have never seen these items, the people who run the store have no memory of them, and of course they're never seen there again. She does this all the time, and has her entire life.

Her ability to find random weird nonexistent crap was the basis of her friendship with Brockie, and she's got all kinds of hilarious stories of him and some friends attempting to play hackie-sack with a brick, or begging a local pharmacy to let them have some blood to use in a show, or that kind of thing. 

Gwar had just returned from a tour of Japan and Australia, where they decapitated the prime minister in effigy, and then complimented the extremely clean nature of Australian public restrooms.

Funny, intelligent, and a surprisingly good musician in addition to being WILDLY offensive on pretty much every level, he took a one-note schtick and turned it into a surprisingly valid 30-year-long career. He will be missed.

Our prayers for his soul and his family, though Dave himself would probably laugh at that notion. Just the same, we're prayin'.


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