Living in interesting times...

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For the last several weeks life has been interesting…and I mean that purely in the sense of the famed (albeit unattributed) Chinese Curse – ‘May you live in interesting times’.

Work assignments have me working PHYSICALLY on both coasts each week while managing full daily schedule and responsibilities in several geographies. It is now physically impossible to participate in all of the live discussions that span my areas of accountability. To do so would now mean following the sun and foregoing any idea of leaving the desk.

I mention this, not to complain about my work, but to call out something that I believe is symptomatic of being in a more connected world.

And this is how it ties to a SCI FI discussion - Texting, online chat, mobile phones, Outlook, Hangout, Facetime and Internet on airplanes have really created a situation where you can be found when issues arise or even if someone just wants to know what you think about something that is going on somewhere in the world. Just a few years ago this would have been unheard of and foster outright disbelief.

Of course, I’m working diligently to create structures and delegate responsibilities to alleviate some of this, but increasingly this seems like an old solution for a new challenge. It really seems that accessibility via technology really erases any real barriers that might be put into place via org chart or responsibility matrix. Folks that want to do stuff now just go to a ‘portal’ and find the person that ultimately decides to do those things and discussion starts there vs with subordinates that will review, tweak, vet and then propose options. It really seems that in addition to creating an expection of increased speed to resolution, this practice literally turns the normal model in most organizations completely upside down. Being in the middle of this, at the moment, I am not in any way objective.

I’m curious…how have you dealt with the increased accessibility that recent technologies have afforded? Where do you see this heading? How might societal structures and social expectations adjust to accommodate?