R2's Day: Cosmos: A missed opportunity?

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Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales and self proclaimed Science Nerd has some thoughts on the new Cosmos.   And you know what, he's absolutely right.  Rather than illuminate, the new series actually seems set to pour fuel on the existing conflict between science and religion.   

"As a “religious people” myself, I was a bit confused.  Was I not supposed to like science because I was religious?  Or was I not supposed to like religion because I was scientific?  Was there some sort of war going on that no one told me about?"

I'm going to be very straightforward on this.  Science has an arrogance problem.  They believe that their best defense against skeptics is to claim superior knowledge- they are overly defensive and that is percieved as arrogance.  Privately, behind closed doors, there are things about evolution (for example), that they cannot explain... there are HUGE holes in Macroevolution where they handwave in public and handwring in private (more on that next week)

Anyway, Vischer is not an IDeologue (see what I did there?) and he makes a lot of sense.