"Papers, Please"

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Has Valve done an IPO yet? I need to buy some of their stock so I can get some of my money back. My kids have spent a few dozens of dollars on such wonderful games as "Don't Starve," "Spore," "Little Inferno," "Terraria," "FTL," and more.

Today, Ganesha Boy 1 showed me a very interesting game called, "Papers, Please." The story is that you are an immigration official for a totalitarian state at a border crossing like Checkpoing Charlie. You get paid for each set of paperwork you process, but are fined for letting in undesirables. Your humanity comes into play in situations such as when you have allowed a man through who bribes you to allow his fiance through, but when she arrives, her paperwork is not in order. Along the way, you need to allocate you meager salary to heat, food, or medicine for your sick child.

The game is, like many these days, deliberately designed to look like something you'd play in DOS. The promo trailer even ends with, "Immigrating. Summer 1983. PC & Mac."

I haven't decided if I want to buy it yet for him.

Have any of you played it yet?