Too Good To Be True: Here's Your Hoverboard

Mama Fisi
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Wow, the geek sites are just lighting up over the viral video put out by a company calling itself HUVr that purports to having created a genuine hoverboard, like the one seen in Back To The Future Part II.  Considering that next year, 2015, would be the year to when Marty and Doc went into the future to "do something about Marty's kids," it's fitting that hoverboards are now back in the public consciousness.  And a little easier to fake--er, make--than a time-travelling DeLorean.

Now, whoever put this together obviously spent a bunch of money, although it's not exactly clear why; and it's a little hard to see exactly how the hovering effect is being done--those folks look really startled when the board rises off the ground.  There is one extremely obvious fake shot--when the guy drops the board and it floats in midair just like the one did in the movie.

Still, fake or not, it's kinda fun to watch, and imagine what it would be like to ride one.

Yeah, I'd probably fall off that one, too.