FAN FILM FRIDAY: Star Wars Detours

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Okay, this prrrrrobably doesn't count as a fan film, because it's produced by Lucasfilm Ltd.  And since it's been cancelled (or more optimistically, "shelved until further notice") it's probably a waste of everyone's time to tease you with it.  But I giggled a lot when I watched the trailer, and since my job here is to amuse you folks, here's "Star Wars: Detours" from the guys behind the Robot Chicken parodies.  Ah, what might have been...

Going through the various excerpts, it's not all that funny all the time, but the very thought that Gentleman George might have redeemed himself by green-lighting a CGI sitcom based on his characters and what they were doing between Episodes III and IV makes me very sad that Disney decided a satirical spoof of its newest cash cow--er, I mean, property--might not be the best way to lead into the next trilogy of sequels. 

If you've seen any of the parodies done by Seth Green and Michael Senreich, you'll be familiar with their brand of irreverent humor, which is what makes this series even more astonishing: they've been poking fun, sometimes savage fun, at the Star Wars films for years, and here they are being handed the keys to the Empire, so to say.  By the Emperor.  And they cranked out --get this--39 episodes, with an additional 62 finished scripts, before Disney decided to abort the project.

Maybe Disney saw something the rest of us never will.  Seth Green, in an interview, was hopeful that after Episode VII: The Search For More Money comes out, that "Detours" could then be aired.

I wouldn't mind if it went direct to DVD, personally.

This is the panel discussion about the show from Star Wars Celebration VI.  After veiwing it, I will qualify this show as a fan film--these guys are totally in awe of George Lucas, and it shows!