What I'd like to see as the next big rage in 'monsters'

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We’ve all watched the long (LONG) run that Vampires had as a fiction device. Vampires have had a run from Lumley’s foes of the Necroscope to Rice’s pretty, Interview vampires to Meyer’s sparkly Twilight vampires and everything else sandwiched between Stoker’s Dracula and The Vampire Academy. Of late, we’ve borne witness to a newly risen (OMG! I couldn’t resist it. I tried. Couldn’t!), relentless and unstoppable new staple monster. Yep. I'm talking about Zombies. A veritable hoard of zombie stuff has flooded popular culture lately – The Walking Dead series being very obvious, but…there’s stuff like the original graphic novel, the really neat BOOK that was inspiration for World War Z,  The Zombie Survival Guide (in various forms), and everything from Zombie Stopping BULLETS (no joke, complete with zombie green expanding tips for making sure headshots empty that brain cavity!) to zombie head guacamole bowls where  you dip chips into the open skull cavity (yes. I have one of these too!). Tons of zombie stuff and more coming that we haven’t imagined yet.


What could overthrow zombies as the go to bad guy in popular culture?

I believe it would be neat if it were angels. Not the fluffy, little, pudgy cheeked, dorkus angels with too-short wings, overfat infant legs, and dumbassed little, stubby harps. No…REAL angels. The merciless and absolutely unstoppable messengers of ‘He on High’ sort of angels. The sort that murder cities overnight. Angels of light so pure your eyes melt out when you look at them. Angels so dedicated to duty that they have played assassin for The Master since before time existed. Angels, that if you believe that sort of thing, turned on one another over the station that humans were being afforded by the creator.  Real, honest to God (there I go again!) ANGEL, Angels. Creatures of unfathomable age, alien reasoning, and immense power. That alone should make them scary. Factor in that they utterly hate humanity for the blight they are on creation and the cancer they are to the universe and you have something that could really freak folks out.

There could be angels that want to preserve humans, of course.  They would be no less alien in their reasoning or fearsome in their powers (see the eye melting bit above). If angels really existed they’d be a multidimensional / higher dimensional sort of beings that would make you bat-shit crazy if you watched them too much...that would limit interactions a bit and might drive some The Prophecy sort of fun with temporary 'meat' avatars and the like. With that in mind, the preserving angels could be just as bad, really, as the slaying ones. They are all of the same make, after all. Preserving angels could be after humanity to ‘teach’ it about it’s real purpose – to create. In doing such a thing, the angels would single handedly usurp the idea of Church and most mainline religions. Some humans would ‘get’ it…and would be driven partially insane in the process as they realized that the ancient scriptures had a completely different meaning to what they had been force fed throughout their lives.

The slayer angels, as you'd expect, would do copious amounts of killing. (That's really where we see angels the most in lore, it seems. Killing humans, killing one another, etc,) With nasty ‘Slaying Sword of Heaven’ type weapons, various uber ancient artifacts, mere WORDS of POWER from the original language…it, after all, was the language of creation (and likewise would be the language of destruction as well…the BE NOTs to go along with the LET THERE LIGHTs. LOL. ) all of this would be brought to bear on the war of angels over who gets to exploit humanity.

To me…this would be a great SCIFI/HORROR series. Would love to see angels like this overcome the zombies.

Here’s to wishing!