Rick Gawonisgi

Yesterday, my 1.5 year old transmission died. So I got to take an entertaining 45 minute ride with a tow truck driver. On the trip, he told me about HAARP, and how the government and others are controlling the weather to cause world disasters. The conversation started as a genial chat about the weather. I mentioned what I had read about the recent cold wave being described as a typhoon in the Artic that reached 100+ mph winds, then explodes, which send cold air south (like it has any other direction to send it). These waves of cold air are what set some new records in cold and snow this past week. He proceeds to tell me that this was most definitely intentional. Then he goes on about HAARP and how some recent disasters have been engineered.

He predicts that NYC will be hit with one of these engineered typhoons. When the typhoon gets close (yes I know, this would usually be referred to as a hurricane, but technically they are the same thing with the exception of geography), a special bomb will be dropped in the eye of the storm, which will result in the power of the storm being directed at the city and destroy it. This prediction, he says, comes from two sources.

1) If you fold the new $100 bill a certain way, one side shows waves hitting a city, and the flip side shows a bomb dropping into the storm. He likens this to how you can fold a $20 bill and see the burning twin towers (I have not found either of these; if you find a link, please forward).

2) A movie produced last year supposedly detailed how this weather-based Armageddon will occur (Armageddon being used in the metaphorical sense and not the geographical sense like it is in Revelation). He believes this will be how Revelation is supposed to play out (someone had to be smoking something when they came up with that interpretation).

"Of course you can blame the Jews for all of this," ultimately he reasoned. First, he thinks they control all of the world governments. Second, I think he was referring to the banking house monopolies in the usual conspiracy theory tripe.

His theory for “why” was new to me: He believes that since they (the Jews) are still waiting for their messiah, that they must prepare the world for His arrival. Somehow, this requires a drastic reduction in world population, so the chosen method for reducing the population (or at least one of them) is engineered environmental disaster. My guess here is that he may have been referring to the 144,000. Originally I was wondering if he was a Jehovah’s Witness with that comment, but since he was saying the Jews were whittling the population down to 144K, maybe not.

So anyway, in case you haven’t come across this one, I thought I would pass it along. The following link is about the extent of my research on the theory. I read a couple of the links within, but tired of it quickly. I was disappointed that the links for Russia claiming to cause the Japanese Nuclear disaster did not work for me (it didn’t even show; the world government must have already censored them ;-) ).

Enjoy the lunacy.