R2's Day: Republibot's Fifth Anniversary

Republibot 2.0

Some thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special: Time of the Doctor

Some thoughts on this anniversary thing that sortof snuck up on us.  The Doctor Who reflections can wait a week or two.  He’s not going anywhere and we have several months until there are any new episodes.

Five years (and a couple of months ago), Kevin Long calls me up with a hairbrained scheme.  This is not unusual, he does this about twice a month.  He was hanging out on IO9.com and for some odd reason, one of the commenters there called him a ‘Republibot’.   This alternately scandalized and amused him (frequently within seconds of each other), and thought that we should do something.

This happens a lot, actually.   Something gets his panties in a bunch, and so “WE” have to do something about it. 

So, Kevin, R1 (are we using his real name yet, or is he still ashamed of us?) and I got together and created this site you see before you.   On the technical end, creating a site that Kevin can actually use was challenging, but I finally discovered software that didn’t scare the crap out of him (mostly), and that provided enough flexibility for growth.  R1 (aka Templeton Peck) got some notables in the conservative movement to start reading us….

… and Kevin immediately pissed them off.   Fortunately, I can’t find the article… but it was satire that didn’t have its warning label fastened securely enough.   It’s just as well, though.  I don’t think we would’ve survived if we had been picked up by the FoxNews crowd.  (Not that we don’t like FoxNews or anything- it’s just that the community that would’ve formed would not have been nearly as friendly as ours is today).

I’m very proud of this site and what it’s become, and I’m very excited for the future.  We are spinning off a new site- whose sole purpose is to make the continuation of this site possible.  We’ll be adding features and writers as the year goes on.   I will be taking Tuesdays in our blog-o-rama… I want to extend a welcome to Jedi Mind Trick as he joins our stable of writers.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the intrepid Republibot 4.  He stepped in at literally the last minute and saved the site from becoming an elephant in amber.   I would not be writing this if it weren’t for our able editor-in-chief.  Thank you from the bottom of our pachydermic hearts.

Five years down… who’s up for five more?