R2'sDay: My Geek Cred

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You know, over the many years I've been doing this site,virtually no-one has ever asked me why they should accept me as any sort of authority at all on S-F and/or general Geekdom
Well, since a virtual nobody is still somebody, I thought I'd answer this question.

First, I have a near encyclopedic knowledge of Power Rangers.

Okay, that's a lie. Only the first ten years or so.

Second, I grew up in those days when it was hard to be a geek. I mean, I didn't get beaten up for it nearly as often as Kevin did- I could masquerade as a mere nerd, and therefore only got a mild thrashing once. But one of my friends in Junior High School (Ron... I forget his last name), actually had an authentic Battlestar Galactica jacket that he wore to school. It was amazing... and a bully magnet.

Poor guy.

Back in those days, mentioning Trek or Space:1999 or Lost In Space could earn you an administratively sanctioned fat lip. So, finding kindred spirits was tough. Star Wars (before it was Episode IV) helped a bit, but not much. We bought Starlog Magazine and comics, and shared them amongst ourselves, and hoped no one else found out.

I was fortunate that in High School, I had a rather cool English teacher, who let me do some S-F oriented stuff- in fact, he assigned a fairly cute girl a paper on "Heinlein's 'Old Man' trope", that I had to help her through. I think he knew that would happen. He encouraged me to write to David Gerrold for a paper I was writing... and David wrote me back--- 10 pages. It was past the paper's deadline, but wow! David spent his valuable time on me!

Third (and Fourth), I am (allegedly) the first person to ever create CGI animation of Battlestar Galactica subjects. I did this handcoding in the POV-Ray scene description language on a Mac Performa 575 (no modeller. All math). This got the attention of Richard Hatch (Apollo), and I was on the effects team on his ...well, let's face it, it's a fan film... for the Battlestar Galactica revival (that never happened). But look it up. I'm in the credits.

There's more, but I'm distinctly uncomfortable talking about myself... how 'bout you guys? What Geek Credentials do you bring to the table?