Gal Gadot To Play Wonder Woman In 2015 Film

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Well, it's official--Wonder Woman, that lasso-twirling Amazon princess from Paradise Island will be making her big-screen debut in Batman vs. Superman, the upcoming sequel to Zak Snyder's "Man of Steel."

If you're like me, and Lynda Carter will always be THE Wonder Woman, it seems a bit odd to learn that Israeli actress Gal Gadot has been chosen to bring the bustiered beauty to life. I mean, not that she isn't attractive, but, um...well, the costume's gonna hafta stand on its own merits, shall we say.

Since Wonder Woman was essentially of Mediterranean origins--or more precisely, from Asia Minor--the casting of an actress from Israel isn't all that peculiar. And Gal Gadot has starred as Gisele in the "Fast and Furious" franchise, so she's got action movie chops, as well as the Miss Universe crown, to her credit.

It's taken Wonder Woman long enough to arrive. I think Hollywood has pretty much run through just about every. Single. Other. Super-hero. before finally deciding to give Ms. Prince her shot at--oh, wait, she's already immortal. OK, her shot at a blockbustier of her own.

Is it because Hollywood is sexist, or that Wonder Woman's history is weirder than Miley Cyrus's biography? Do they just not know what to do with a strong woman character who is both a feminist and a sex object? Is it the hints of BDSM that have always shadowed Wonder Woman--or is that now a plus, with the success of "Fifty Shades of Gray?" Or is it that female superheroes have simply underwhelmed at the box office? Note that WW is not getting her own film, but is being put in a supporting role--but that doesn't necessarily mean she won't eventually headline her own film. Of course, if Ms. Gadot tanks, that will pretty much put Wonder Woman back on the shelf forever.

Here's an opinion from Grace Randolph, host of the weblog "Beyond the Trailer," that goes into a little more depth with the subject: