Ancient Computer Games

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So let's talk about ancient computer games. Here's my three favorites, in no particular order:

1) "Space Vikings" - in the future there's a federation of 20 or so worlds. A war or something breaks it up, and some slide back into savagery, others, freed of the yoke of earth, move ahead, and most are somewhere in between the two. Long after this, YOU somehow get a ship and a crew of space vikings, and you travel around from world to world conquering them, raiding them for resources, fixing your ship, and moving on to the next world. The goal was to reunite all of human space. I never won it.

What was cool was that although the game had limited hires graphics, and only used 4 models for spaeships, only one to a world, one of them was the Battlestar Galactica and another was an Imperial Star Destroyer. Getting up close to them and looking around was cool.

2) "The Prisoner." An unlicenced knockoff of the TV series, you are #6, and you're given a code. You wake up in "The Island" and attempt to escape, but are put through various puzzles, some of which have no resolution. You can surrender at any time by giving the code. I know it sounds like a lame game - and it might be, as I never won it - but I really enjoyed it at the time.

3) Type Attack - best typing game ever. Space Invaders, basically, where you shoot down letters by typing said letters. I can type 80 WPM, and it's pretty much entirely 'cuz of that game.

All these were Apple ][ games. They'd run on the ][, the ][+, the ][e, the ][c, the ][gs (Which you'd kind of have to do, as there weren't any other games they MADE for the gs) and the ]I[, assuming you were stupid enough to buy one.

Anyone remember these? Anyone got their own favorite ancient games?