FAN FILM FRIDAY: Star Trek TOS: Beyond Antares

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Yeah, I know I said I wanted to get away from the Big Three of fan film inspirations, but this one is rather interesting. It's a CGI episode stitched together and animated from random bits of original dialog, and completed over three years while the animator was struggling with lymphatic cancer.

Personally, I think the figures are kinda creepy-looking, and the script feels a bit flat and forced, but I have to give a lot of credit to the guy (who goes by the name Robert England) for what he's put together. As he says in his description, he has a copy of some original dialog, and with a lot of cutting and editing, he created lines for characters that were never actually spoken.

As a bonus, there's an animated interview with Kirk and Spock, where Spock corrects the Captain on his famous split infinitive. The sound texture is a, shall we say...owing to the Frankenscript nature of the soundtrack, but in spirit, it's rather amusing.

They could do all those still-lost "Doctor Who" episodes this way.