Film Review: Gravity

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A friend and I went to see Gravity on Sunday evening. We both enjoyed it. I got exactly what I expected of it, and more. This is a great man-versus-nature (or lack thereof) sci-fi, with a few pause moments that allow a more thoughtful audience member to reflect on the basic fight-or-flight nature of mankind. It gives a pleasant, well-timed mixture of chair-gripping, heart-racing action and reflective pauses, and while there is a touch of gore, it is not caused by violence, but by the impersonal hand of nature.

The action stays with Dr. Ross (Sandra Bullock) the whole way through. She's in space, so we're in space. There are no flashbacks, no "meanwhile, on the planet" cutaways, no "from across the universe, the destroyed shuttle is just a pale white dot" introspectives. The camera never gets more than a hundred yards away from Dr. Ross. She is the focus of the movie, and it stays focused for ninety minutes. This is her story.

The only things I personally did not care for were: 1) they never dropped the helmets' sun shields - I'm sure it was for dramatic effect, as it would be boring staring at a faceless gold visor the whole movie, so I'm willing to forgive this; and 2) a fairly pushy "we crawled out of the ocean" reference near the end of the film, but it's subtle enough that it can be overlooked for the greater plot and, frankly, I'm not nearly as offended by the idea as some atheists would be about a theistic creation reference. Oh, and there is one scene that is a bit gratuitous, but saying what it is would interfere with what you should know going in, so I won't reveal it. No, there's no in-orbit sex. They don't have time for such nonsense.

The acting is superb, the characters sympathetic, and the setting believable (please ignore the visible starscape in the background). I think that forumites here will find it an excellent movie. And, to paraphrase Dr. Ross:

"The way I see it, one of two things is going to happen. You will walk away loving this movie or hating it. But you'll have been entertained, and at the end, it will have been one hell of a