Worthwhile Webcomics: El Goonish Shive, by Dan Shive

Mama Fisi
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Here's a webcomic about a bunch of high school kids and the strange, often magical things that happen to them. They have little regard for the laws of physics, but at least they've come up with a workable definition of cartoon "hammer space."

The title is just a bit of nonsense the creator, Dan Shive, came up with, which pretty much sums up the strip. His artwork has either improved exponentially over the ten-year run of the strip, or he's hired an artist; I'd like to think that this strip exemplifies the sort of progression a person with talent and dedication can make (which I myself clearly don't possess, if you've ever looked at my strip.)

It's funny and it's got lots of SF and gamer references, a little coarse language (well, you'd swear too if you had to fight a mutant goo-monster with your bare hands!) and just about every strip will bring a chuckle, so "El Goonish Shive" is my Webcomic of the Week.