If At First You Don't Succeed...

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Ok, so back in 1994/95 NBC gave Stephen Spielberg a THIRD attempt to waste their money with a short-lived show called "Earth 2."

Premise: colonists to a new planet. They're supposed to stard an advanced base for a second, larger wave of colonists called "New Pacifica." Alas, they crash on the wrong side of the continent and have to laboriously make their way to the other side and start construction. The show is basically about their journey, uncovering dark (And yet not very interesting) secrets along the way, and Tim Curry in evil (Yet not very interesting) mode. Show started out strong, and faded quickly, but it's noteworthy for being the first SF show to have a strong female leader as the main character. It was arc-driven.

But it sucked because it was basically Lost in Space, but deadly serious (Yet not very interesting).

So I just found this

It's a demo reel made at the very end of the season, basically re-pitching the series to NBC for a second year. I've never seen such a brazen attempt to get a second chance. I've never seen such an open "We screwed up, a lot, so basically we're turning it into an entirely different show. Also, we're bumping the female lead to 2nd bananna status," and several other changes.

It's sort of groveling and defiant at the same time. Also it pretty much blatantly rips off nearly all the SFX from other productions (Most notably Aliens and Space: Above and Beyond).