Commentary: Affleck as Batman

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In case you hadn't heard, Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in the upcoming Man O' Steel II: Batman vs. Superman. This news has been splitting the internet in twain, as apparently Ben Affleck can't be Batman because he:
A) Was Daredevil in a bad movie
B) Was George Reeves in a good movie
C) Is an irritating northeastern liberal (Unlike George Clooney, who was an annoying Midwest liberal or Michael Keaton, who's an annoying New York liberal or Val Kilmer, who's an annoying Kalifornia liberal. (We'll cut Bale some slack, as he's a foreigner....))
D) Is friends with Matt Damon
E) Is friends with Kevin Smith (that oughta disqualify a lot of people from a lot of things)
F) Is married to the star of the second worst superhero adaptation of all time (Halle Berry takes first place on this one...)
G) Is not Kevin Conroy, nor does he sound like him.

I'm old enough to remember the uproar over Tim Burton's selection of Michael Keaton for the role of Batman. "Mr. Mom is NOT Batman". Well, here we are, and like it or hate it, you can't really argue that Michael Keaton wasn't a good Batman... or at least good ENOUGH.

I think that Affleck is a choice. Not one I would've made (Karl Urban, please...) but he does bring some things to the table. He is able to act. He has historically put his ego aside for the good of a project. He is a very skilled director (more on this in a second). He is a fan of and respects the source material.

This could be a casting coup on the Robert Downey, Jr./Iron Man level.

Now, about those director creds. He's an Academy Award winning director, and early rumblings (prior to this announcement) were that he was up to direct the upcoming Justice League movie. He understands story. He understands these characters. Details of his compensation package aren't available yet, but I would not be surprised if he's exchanged getting into the Batsuit for a shot at one-upping Joss Whedon.

Is Affleck annoying? Yes. But he may be exactly what Warner's needs to push the DCCU (DC Cinematic Universe) forward.