The Original Star Wars Script Treatment

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A long time ago...yeah, you know the rest...a hot new director fresh out of film school, with one moderate hit under his belt, tried to get the rights to do a version of Flash Gordon, but was turned down by the copyright holders for that franchise.

So instead, he came up with his own idea for a space opera, one with square-jawed heroes and sleazy villains and weird alien monsters, all zooming around in hotrod space ships. Or was that alien villains and sleazy heroes and square-jawed monsters...? Monster heroes and square-jawed sleazy...oh, never mind. They'll all get their own action figures anyway.

A couple of revisions later, and Star Wars leaped from the screen, revolutionizing the science fiction film genre in a hundred and twenty-one minutes.

But somewhere, deep in the Lucas-eyes-only vault, the original script treatment for The Star Wars lingered, until a comic book outfit called Dark Horse got the option on the Star Wars properties. Over the years, Dark Horse has been releasing various titles in the Star Wars universe, but now it has announced plans to publish a graphic novel based on what would have been the film we have come to know as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The first seven pages of the initial issue are available for viewing, and you can find them here:

And if "General Skywalker" looks alarmingly like the present-day George Lucas...consider it homage.