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Republibot is dedicated to covering as many Science Fiction shows and movies as we possibly can. At present, we're covering Stargate: Universe (What's left of it), Eureka, The Event, Doctor Who, V, and some kidvid like GI Joe: Renegades, Young Justice, Ben 10, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Sym-Bionic Titan (Assuming it comes back for a second season).

Given our small staff, that's leaving us stretched pretty thin, and yet there's a bunch of other genre shows out there that we really *should* be covering: "Fringe" is the most obvious, there's the Clone Wars series, BBCA's "Primeval," a show we've always wanted to cover, but never had the manpower for. There's also some other upcoming projects like Spielberg's "Falling Skies,"

as well as the long-delayed 4th season of Torchwood, the 3rd installment of the RDM Galactica franchise (And the first one to really give the fans what they've wanted all along), not to mention a spate of superhero shows, and the occasional Spy-Fi show like Chuck.

These are all things we'd like to cover, that we think it's our duty to cover, but that we just can't do and maintain the stuff we've already got running.

So how would you like to cover 'em for us? Pick a show - any show, even if it's one we're already reviewing - that you like, and that you think you could do a good job covering for a conservative audience. Then email me at three@republibot.com and I'll tell you if that one is up for grabs or not. If it is, pretty much you can cover it for us. There's some minor technical grammar concerns and stuff, but nothing terribly restrictive.

So if there's something we're not covering that you'd like us to cover - OR if there's something we *are* covering that you think you could do a better job of - just email us, and we'll give you a shot at it.

Again: contact me at three@republibot.com