What's Tessa Dick Up To These Days?

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Our friend and occasional contributor, Tessa Dick, has had some ongoing legal battles with the trust that governs Phillip K. Dick's estate, and this has led to some serious financial woes for her. If you're in a position where you can help out, and you'd like to do so, please check out this site here http://tessadick.chipin.com/legal-war-chest


Tessa is, among other things, a reporter for the San Bernadino County Libertarian Examiner, and you can check out some of her articles here



and as ever, her official website is here http://tessadick.blogspot.com/ There's a lot of fascinating accounts of how details of Phil's life has been repeatedly and egregiously mis-reported by people attempting to cash in on his post-mortem popularity, or simply trying to appear cool.

All worth a look!