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Fingers hurt, so I've decided to avoid typing as much as possible for a couple days, which is a fine excuse not to work on that massive interview I need to edit.

Instead I've wiled away the morning reading another chapter in the Sutin PKD bio, and matching socks.

I first read this book around 1989 or 1990, and loved it. I identified with PKD a whole lot (I don't anymore), and when I got to this particular chapter, there was a drawing of a being Phil kept seeing in his visions that he'd made, which looked pretty much exactly like those gay rapist Witley Streiber aliens - you know the "Greys" who seem to take a forceable interest in human rectums? Generally male human rectums? Those. Exactly like those, only with three eyes.

Back in 19-whenever I freaked the heck out upon seeing that because I bought into the whole little-known-by-outsiders idea that aliens were, in fact, demons (I don't anymore). Demons pretending to be something apart from what they were in order to delude mankind. That Christopher Walken/Streiber movie "Communion?" Scared the living crap out of me! This drawing in the book? Scared the living crap out of me. I was a nutjob, and freaked out and panicking as only a nutjob can.

Fortunately, my longsuffering roomate Miguel Cielo sat up with me all night and calmed me down. I should probably call him up and thank him for that. It's a bit overdue.