What I'm Doin' #7

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- Still a bit carpal-tunnely since yesterday's marathon session. Think I'll lay low for a few days, not write unless I need to.
- I weigh 202.4 lbs. I really need to get cracking on bringing that down.
- Re-watching "Saga of a Star World" with the commentary on: Everyone loves Maren Jensen, the uniforms were uncomfortable, the helmets were heavy and hot from the lights, and Miss Jensen's boots were uncomfortably heavy. Not exactly world-shattering stuff, but it's funny to think that whenever we see the pilots in their cockpits, they're only wearing the top half of their uniforms. From the waist down, it was just shorts because they were so bloody hot.
- Finished chapter 8 of the Sutin bio of PKD. I'm a fairly quick wit, and I'm a very fast typist, but I'm an annoyingly slow reader.
- I've really, really, really got to get cracking on editing that Ellison interview down. I should have had it done six months ago, but it's just so sprawlingly huge that it's intimidating me.