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Cleaning out a storage space last night, I found an old mix tape from about 1992 or 1993, and have been enjoying the trip down memory lane, which, as you know, intersects with Questionable Taste Avenue, just where Avante Garde Park merges into Mildly Annoying Center.

Should anyone be interested, here's what's on it:

1) Sexy Rhino by Adrian Belew

2) Hypnotist of Ladies by They Might Be Giants

3) Twang Bar King by Adrian Belew

4) The Gnome by Pink Floyd

5) Gimmie Some Money by Spinal Tap

6) Stormy Pinkness by They Might Be Giants

7) Reefer Man by Cab Calloway

Cab is very likely the coolest man every to live.

8) Step Into My Groove by Altered State

Oddly, I can not find this full song anywhere, though Warners invested money into making a music video. Odd.

9) Cry of the Vatos by Oingo Boingo

An annoying little track that had came out during the "Backmasking" controversy in the early 80s. The backmasking is pretty funny if you play it in reverse.

10) New Woman is an Attitude by David J
Can't find this song anywhere.

11) Eine Kleine Nachtmusic by some steel drum band
Can't find any comparable version anywhere.

12) In 3D by Cheap Trick
Oddly, I can't find this one anywhere.

13) Sally Brown by Bad Manners

14) The Guitar by They Might Be Giants

15) Welcome to the Jungle by Big Daddy
It's utterly bizarre that I can't find this, and in a better world it's infamous. It has to be heard to be believed. Basically it's the G'n'R song played to the music of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

16) How About You? By Cheap Trick

Why can I find this one, and not the other one? Weird.

17) The Art Of Noise is paranoid by AON