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Finished re-reading "Ringworld" today, review to follow. Also wrote a review for Edwin Abbott's "Flatland." I don't see any more oddly-shaped nonexistent worlds in my immediate reading future, but, eh, you never know. I'm a strange guy. It happens.

Spent an hour or so going through my old VHS tapes, and ended up getting rid of twenty of 'em that had nothing of any use on 'em. (1st season episodes of Lost, B5 episodes taped off of Skiffy before they started coming out on DVD, Yu-Gi-Oh GX episodes [Shudder], episodes of "Life" or "Nature" or whatever it was, etc) and a tape full of episodes of Kim Possible that I'll probably re-watch before I chuck it. (The kids loved that show, but oddly it never came out on DVD)

Got rid of the following CDs:

- The Ramones: All the stuff (and More) volume 1
- Los Lobos: Kiko
- Erasure: The Innocents
- Fountains of Wayne: Fountains of Wayne
- Fishbone: Give a Monkey a Brain and he'll Swear he's the Center of the Universe. (And, man, for as much as I viciously, obsessively loved Fishbone back in the day, it's sad how their music doesn't hold up. Not a single CD has survived the cut thus far, and the most recent two are unlistenable. Good title, though)
- Honeymoon Suite: The Big Prize
- The Colorblind James Experience: Solid! Behind the Times. (I got this one by mistake, I wanted the one with "She's a wtich" on it, but could never find it, alas)
- The Iron Giant: Soundtrack
- 10,000 Maniacs: MTV Unplugged
- Brian May And Friends: self-titled EP. (This one has narrowly missed getting chucked for years, and survived given how hard it is to find. Not anymore, boy. Not anymore. ANd the "hit single" from this project isn't even on it!)
- Bobby Darin: Rock 'n' Roll Classics In Digital
- Robert Plant: Manic Nirvana
- African Government House: [No title] A bunch of really poorly-recorded original songs (And one oingo boingo cover) by an unsigned band, evidently highschool kids. A friend of a friend of a friend said "This sounds like the kind of crap you'd like, since you like all that space sh!t n' stuff" and foisted it off on me.
- Bubbapalooza volume 1: Chronicle of the Redneck Underground

My 'what i'm doin' posts have caught up with the present, and having little to report, I think this'll become more of an occasional feature now.