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…And I’m back! In between yesterday’s “What I’m Doin’” entry and today’s, I’ve been offline for a week. (As I’ve said, there’s considerable ‘tape delay’ in these things). I took a week off, didn’t touch the computer at all, to help out my carpal tunnel. It seems to have helped. Also, I’m trying out a brand new decade-old C.T. brace that I found stuck to my upright bass stand. I’d forgotten I had it. During that time I read:

“And Another Thing” by Eoin Colfer
“The God Engines” by John Scalzi

And I’m plowing through “Shades of Grey” by Jasper Fforde. Reviews of all of these will be forthcoming.

1) Bonanza Ska by various artists
2) Utopia Parkway by Fountains of Wayne
2) B5 Soundtrack: Messages of Earth by Christopher Franke
3) Deep Space Meditation by Kronos
4) Wanderlust by Tami Show (That’s a 90s band, not the actual show from the 60s)
5) Love Life by Berlin (First CD I ever bought, Easter break, 1984, during a car trip w/ my parents. And then I couldn’t play it in the car because it was so dirty, which, of course, I didn’t realize until *after* I’d bought it)
6) a mix by Dropkick Murphys
7) Animal Sounds by Sam “Sluggo” Phipps
8) The Ghost that Haunts Me by the Crash Test Dummies
9) Earth Moving by Mike Oldfield
10) A Tonya Donnely mix
11) September ‘94 EP by Brian Dewan (Hello music club)
12) Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads
13) The Best of The Waitresses
14) Welcome Interstate Managers by Fountains of Wayne
15) Total Devo by Devo (NOT a compilation, but an actual album from 1988)
16) Truth and Rumors with the Ben Folds Five (A promo CD)
17) Now it Can Be Told - Devo (Live - better than their studio albums of the period, but still not really worth keeping)
18) Baseball Soundtrack by Ken Burns
19) The Money in my Smile by The Jack Rubies
20) Revival by Reverend Horton Heat
21) From Russia with Love Soundtrack
22) Last Day of Summer by Barely Pink
23) In the Dynamite Saloon by Dogs D’amour
24) Chim Chim’s Badass Revenge by Fishbone

But wait, there’s more! I also got rid of the following actual physical long-playing record albums:

1) Sea of Love by the Adventures
2) Fore by Huey Lewis and the News
3) Giuffria
4) The official fake soundtrack to Blade Runner
5) Living in Oz by Rick Springfield
6) You’re getting Even while I’m getting Odd - by J. Geils band
7) The Wicked Lady sountrack by Tony Banks
8) The Age of Plastic by the Buggles
9) Oh Good Greif by Vince Gurraldi
10) Heartbeat City by the Cars
11) No Fuss, No Muss by Donny Iris
12) Star Trek Storybook album: A mirror for futility & The Time Stealers
13) Get the Knack by The Knack
14) Dram Police
15) One on One
16) Heaven Tonight
17) At Budokan
18)Standing on the Edge - all by Cheap Trick
19) Back on the streets
20) King Cool, both by Donny Iris
(Why all the Trick and Iris? ‘Cuz I’m Midwestern, y’see, and it took me years to overcome that musically)
21) The final rip off
22) Holy grain Soundtrack, both by Monty Python
23) Battlestar Galactica soundtrack
24) Chicago 17 by Chicago (Again with the Midwestern thing)
25) Dreamtime by Daryl Hall (I have no excuse for this)
26) New Traditionalists by Devo (Again with the Midwestern thing)
27) Safety Dance ep by Men w/out Hats
28) Pictures for Pleasure by Charlie Sexton
29) So Lo by Danny Elfman
30) Peter Cetera by Peter Cetera (I’m sorry. I really am)
31) Built for Speed by Stray Cats
32) Holiday Road promotional single by Lindsay Buckingham
33) Duane Eddy 2 record collection
34) Born to laugh at Tornadoes by was (not was)
35) Ringo the 4th by Ringo Star
36) Astra by Asia
37) Boys don’t cry
38) Difford & Tillbrook
39) Girls with Guns by Tommy Shaw
40) Keep your hands of my power supply by Slade
41) The Jetsons dance remix EP by TV’s Greatest Hits
42) Fuel for the fire by Naked Eyes
43) Once around the world EP by It Bites
44) Acting Very Strange by Mike Rutherford
45) Cupid & Psyche ‘85 by Scritti Politti
46) The Chipmunk Song by The Bunny Hoppers (A Chipmunks knockoff)
47) The Three Stooges story album
48) Omadawn by Mike Oldfield
49) Unguarded by Amy Grant (Purchased during one of my periodic and ultimately frustrating flirtations with Christian rock)

And now my hand hurts again…