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Wrote 3 reviews and 2 announcements between 10 PM and 11:52, and man, I'm exhausted. My hands hurt. Also, I read a couple chapters of the new Hitchiker's Guide book.

I've been workign a LOT in the past month. I'm going to take a week off, owing to my carpal tunnel, and let my hands recover.

Today I got rid of:
1) "The Last Day of Summer" by Barely Pink
2) "Truth and Rumors" by Ben Folds 5
3) "Total Devo" by Devo (NOT a greatest hits CD! I can not stress that enough. I'm pretty lame, but I'm nowhere near lame enough to buy greatest hits collections)
4) "From Russia With Love" soundtrack (Surprisingly Meh-erific)
5) "In the Dynamite Saloon" by the Dogs D'amour
6) "Chim Chim's Badass Revenge" by Fishbone. (A sad fate for a once-amazingly great band)

See you in a week. Well, a week for me, it'll be a day for you.