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Busy day today: Wrote an article on the return of Torchwood, then found that R2 had scooped me on that one, so I just threw it in the shoebox, and it'll pop up on July 29th, as I had nothing better to throw in there. It might re-spark discussion, since we'll all have forgotten about it by then anyway. Also wrote an article about the *intended* arc/ending for "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda," and wrote a review for Story # 6 of the original Galactica.

Also, on a more personal note, I caused a Trekie to vomit with rage today. That's a first for me. If I was any prouder, I'd be twins.

Also played a lot of Pokemon. Way too much Pokemon.

Got rid of no CDs today - too busy - but listened to a couple that'll get cut tomorrow.