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* I finished reading "The Wind from Nowhere" by JG Ballard. Review forthcoming

* I watched "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero" and started a review, but my fingers hurt so I decided to table it for tomorrow

* Listened to "The Best of Babylon 5" by Christopher Franke, and decided that I really don't like him - or Tangerine Dream - very much. I don't think any of my music featuring either of them will survive the purge

* Got rid of
1) "The Best of Babylon 5" by Christopher Franke
2) "One Second" by Yello
3) "Number One Fan" by Barely Pink
4) "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" by Brian Eno and David Byrne
5) "Metaphysical Grafitti" by Dead Milkmen

That's an even ONE HUNDRED CDs I've gotten rid of in the last two (or is it three?) weeks. That's more, I think, than I've gotten rid of in my entire life up until now.

I'm down to 201 lbs even. (Because Skinny is the new Fat)