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OK, so the BIG SECRET PROJECT is done, and pending approval from the involved powers, we should be in a position to run it fairly soon.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a really pretty game.

Today I got rid of
- "The Firm" by The Firm. Remember them? No, I don't either.
- The Lost Boys soundtrack
- "Love Songs" by Paul Young. Yes, I really am that lame. I remember buying it because I wanted to hear "I'm Gonna' Tear Your Playhouse Down" for some reason (I think it had to do with an offhand Cory Haim line in "Dream a Little Dream," a terrible, terrible movie) I was sick and wrong to do this, and of course the song sucks. Looking back on it, I think ultimately the real reason I wanted to hear it was because I liked the jacket Paul wore in the video, which is, obviously, not a good reason for subjecting oneself to this kind of torture. "Come back and stay" is still a good song, though. But as I hear it on the radio 3x a day, no point in keeping it.
- "Big Generator," by Yes. Do I need to explain this?
- "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens - a singles collection.
- "Nobody's Child: The Romanian Angels Appeal" - a benefit CD I bought to get a Wilburys track that wasn't on either of their albums.
- "Radio K.A.O.S." by Roger Waters - not the worst concept album of all time, but probably the most obtuse. If you need to have five pages of liner notes explaining what the story is about, you really aren't doing your job.