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I use CDs as a timing mechanism: I put in a CD, I start a task, when the CD ends, I take a break from the task, then I go back to it and start another one. It's a way of keeping me noticing the passage of time and not getting to monomaniacal about whatever I happen to be working on. At the same time, I'm trying to get rid of some crap that I never listen to anymore, in some cases, crap I haven't listened to in decades, and these are today's CDs that didn't make the cut, and are now in the Goodwill bag:

1-Science Fiction Movie Themes (By - I think - the evil Neil Norman. I may review this one at some point in the future, as it really, really made me angry)
2- Orion - "The Man who would be king"
3- Ed's Redeeming Qualities - "More Bad Times." (Not nearly as funny as their first one)
4- The Big 80s' - "Big Movies" - I didn't buy it, someone gave it to me, and I held on to it because it has a Thompson Twins song I like, but no more, baby! It's gone!
5- A Hayseed Dixie mix cd
6- The Repo Man Soundtrack - kinda' generic for punk, really
7- "Before X" - a moody New Wave compilation.
8- The Apples in Stereo - "Her Wallpaper Reverie"
9- Star Trek Sound Effects - because who cares, it's not like *I'M* making a fan film!
10- a mix of bootlegged life songs by The Church.
11- Dread Zeppelin - "Un Led Ed" - because it's a one-joke band that was only funny for about half the joke.
12- The Ruttles - "Archaeology" - see Dread Zeppelin
13- Huey Lewis and the News - "Perfect World" - Because 22 years is enough time pretending it doesn't suck. Also, I don't think I'd listened to it in 20 years prior to today.
14- Huey Lewis and the News - "Picutre This" - I'd assumed this one might make the cut as it has some personal nostalgic significance to me, but, nope...just too old to care.

I know, I know, lame music. In my defence, most of this stuff is crap I got when I was a kid and didn't know better, or is stuff people gave me as "Look! I got you a gift!" gifts on various occasions. So I'm getting rid of it now *because* it's lame. I'm holding on to my cool stuff like the Cocteau Twins and Art of Noise and such...

Spent about four or five hours working on The Big Bohonkin' Interview, which is - as of this moment - 172 pages long, and 44,091 words. My hands hurt, I'm done for the day.