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Remember the other day when I said I cut nine inches off my hair? It occurs to me that some of you might want that for witchcraft or Voodoo purposes. Others of you who aren't very good at science might want it for cloning purposes, but it's basically useless for that as hair cells contain no DNA. Sorry.

In any event, if you'd like to purchase my hair to put a hex on me, or, alternately, make me dance like a chicken (Which I kind of do anyway already, so it's not really cost effective), I'd be willing to sell it. Drop me a line through the site.

Band Practice tonight was a little off. I had trouble recording the vocals for "Fire in the Hole," and I just kept screwing up "Stuff Sucks," though I think I can fix that one in the mix. On the bright side, I worked out a rough-but-catchy version of "You're not an Atheist" while Billy was next door at the pizza place, so, not on my A-game, but still able to crank it out. It may be terrible, but at least there's a lot of it.