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Busy day. Two Retrospeculative TV reviews on here, and I've been trying, trying, trying all day to bang out a story called "Bubba's Burger Barn," which is pretty clever and funny, but I *keep* *Getting* *Called* *Away* *From* *The* *Computer.* *Asterisk*

It's frustrating. I basically have two writing modes: Spastic hyperproductivity, where an idea comes into my head, and I bang out the whole thing in one sitting, the other, which I call "Performance Art Writing," where I have to get in the mindset of a character and write the scene as *they* would feel it, which is generaly better writing, but harder to do as it takes me longer to get in and out of character. I usually reserve that for longer form fiction, like the two novels I've got cooking at the moment.

I'm trying to use the first method today, but clearly I'm gonna' have to break it up into a couple or more days, which I'm never all that happy about.

Ok, shutting up now. Back to your regularly scheduled reviews of long-dead shows no one cares about.