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Boring day. Had to get up extra early for an eye exam, which was a bit awkward on every level because, well, it just was. I'm just off my rythm today, not sure why, and I even ended up taking a nap for like a half an hour, which never happens. Though I suppose it could be that "The Baja Sessions" by Chris Isaac wasn't really holding my interest. I think my Isaac mood is near-done. (I do love his cover of yellowbird, however.)

Uhm...less than a chapter to the end of the Sutin book aobut Philip K Dick. I think I'm falling out of love with the subject.

(I first typed "Falling out of love with Dick," which - once I realized what I'd done - made me laugh really, really hard for a really, really long time. Figuring that would attract entirely the wrong kind of visitors to this site, I removed it, still amidst spactic torrents of laughter, then decided, 'eh, what the heck, I'm too juvenile not to use something that funny', so here we are.)

Seriously: since when to eye exams make you sleepy?