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- Called Miguel and thanked him for taking care of me a couple decades back. He joked that he'd "Never made up the sleep I cost him, and as a result his entire life since then has been terrible." Then he allowed as how he didn't remember the incident at all, which, of course, makes him just that much better a human being, doesn't it? Christian charity is no less remarkable for being rare.

- Chip Haynes gave me one of his short stories and a novel (!) to serialize on the site! Cool!

- There is no third thing.

- My accidental quote of the week: "Nature is what we're put here to rise above." I'm pretty sure I didn't coin that one, but it popped up in conversation.

- I've decided to keep my *true* identity secret, despite no longer having to hide it, but, actually, just while typing that, I've waffled again. Sheesh...