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- Read chapters 1 and 2 of "Divine Invasions," the PKD bio, and I'm as ever enraptured with Mr. Sutin's writing style, though I'm thinking he reads too much into some events.

- Republispouse had the day off, so we took the kids to the Lincoln Children's Musem, which had a lot of cars in the parking lot, but seemingly no one inside. The gift store girl was grousing to one of the other folks that they'd only sold four things all day. I get the feeling that with the nation's economic woes, taking kids to have science explained to them via brightly colored pingpong balls isn't quite the priority it once was. Sad.

- I'm feeling more than a bit burned out, after having contributed 95% of the content for this site for a year and a half now. R2 tells me that I *can* review things without going beyond the 5000 word mark, but I really don't know how. My style has always been to just talk about something until I have nothing more to say about it. I think I do need to experiment with brevity, however. What do you folks thing? Do you like my long-form rolicking reviews, or should I go with the "Saw movie, sux, ate wasabe peas," style that's so popular online these days?

- I've given up on watching Stargate Atlantis repeates on Syfy, because they just jerk around their daily schedule so much and tend to drop significant numbers of episodes. This really annoys my oldest, who's really gotten into the show. I'm just watching them online now. Way to go, Syfy! You've shot yourself in the foot again.