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Welcome to Republibot: the Science Fiction Site for people who aren’t Drooling Kneejerk Liberals.

Why a right wing SF website? Because pretty much all the ones out there right now are extremely hard left. In fact, as a genre Science Fiction itself is generally rather leftist, which is not something we here at Republibot take issue with. In our minds, Science Fiction is all about asking questions and being open minded to the answers. Sometimes the answers are reassuring, sometimes they’re disturbing, and sometimes there are no answers at all, but the point is to keep asking the questions.

It is our opinion that most of the sites out there today are run by lockstep liberals, who agree with each other as a matter of course, but who never question their beliefs and who are extremely displeased when *other* people question their beliefs. If the point of the exercise is to ask ‘the big questions,’ then why are all the sites only giving the easy answers? The answers that are dictated by the political left? No party has a hammer-lock on the truth, so why should we take anything any political party says at face value? Therefore our mandate here at Republibot is simply to look at things with a less orthodox viewpoint than the other sites do.

We’ll make recommendations, we’ll point out Science Fiction that supports conservative values (If such things actually exist), and we’ll point out potential fallacies in the worldviews of non-conservative SF when it’s relevant to do so. There are no sacred cows here (Which is ironic as we’re all at least vaguely religious, however if you go to the more established SF sites, which are all irreligious, there are tons and tons of sacred cows. Go figure)

This site is not about propaganda. We’re not going to say that all liberals are baby-killing man-hating sexually deviant jerks; we’re not even going to say that they’re always wrong, but we will point out shortcomings of their philosophy when appropriate to do so. Likewise, we’re not going to tell you how to vote, or how to think, what we’re here to do is to show that there are simply different ways of thinking, different ways of interpreting things. We welcome and invite discussion about any of the subjects that will come up here, and you’re free to disagree. No one here is trying to get anyone to sign up with a militia.

Undoubtedly there will be a couple things we will not tolerate, however at this exact moment in time there is only two unbreakable rules: There will be no racism on this site. If you want to talk trash about Black people, or Asians or Jews, then you are clearly too stupid to live and we don’t want you here. Leave now. Secondly: The moderators themselves determine when someone is being abusive or not, and our words are law. There is no higher authority. We’re not saying you have to be polite – in fact, people from Pennsylvania and Boston are biologically incapable of politeness – but if you cross that ill-defined line, you’re gone. Likewise, if you’re an amazingly defensive little whiner who gets up in arms over nonexistent slights, we may boot you off the site.

So with all that in mind, welcome to the site and have fun!


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