WEBSERIES: “Pioneer One”

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Generally I’ve been covering standalone web series and super-hyper-indie films like “Man’s Conquest of Space” and “Iron Sky” under our “Fan Film Friday” column, but I think that’s kind of doing a disservice, since these things are all inherently standalones, and not “Fanish” in any way.

I think we’re going to start covering them independently to give them the exposure they deserve, and - since they’re not actually Fan Films - I think we’ll probably review them as well.

To that end, I present “Pioneer One,” a new web series about a mysterious old soviet satellite that crashlands in Canada in the present day. Here’s the trailer:

And here’s their website


And we’ll be following this with no little interest. We’ll let you know how it goes. If any of our readers have more information about this, please do contact us at three@republibot.com