WEB SERIES: "Venus Rises"

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Back in May we last mentioned Venus Rises. Unfortunately, the site had had some technical problems, and the episodes were either unavailable or all a-wonky. The director of the project has since contacted us to let us know that all the as-yet completed episodes are available online here


And that he's hard at work on the next episode.

We've lately decided that our policy of not reviewing fanfilms doesn't apply to original web series unrelated to existing SF franchises. Since Venus Rises is a completely standalone series in an original universe, we *can* review it.

Should we? I'd like your opinions. I'm favorably inclined towards it, and I don't think I'd use the same standards I'd use for professional productions, but if reviewing fanfilms is the act of someone who's missing the point, might not reviewing webseries also be guilty of that?

Sound off!