We Pissed Away A 'Gimmie'

Kevin Long
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Well, we pissed away what should have been a 'gimmie' election. It was a bit closer than I expected (about 1% rather than the 3%-6% I'd predicted), but the end results are the same: we lost what *should* have been a sure thing.

More to the point, it was almost exactly a remake of the '04 campaign in which the Democrats ran a talking haircut no one really liked against an unpopular president that no one really hated, and just assumed victory was fore-ordained. I said this six months ago: we'd pissed away 4 years we *COULD* have been grooming viable candidates, and approached this as an entitlement rather than a campaign (The mistakes made by the Kerry/Democrats in '04, and the entitlement campaign was what cost Gore the presidency in '00)

And I think we were staring up our own backsides a bit: just because the Democrats hated Bush doesn't mean that all all Americans did. Most were just a bit disappointed. We saw that again last night.

And in the end, with all due respect to Republibot 1.0, it was a mistake to run a Mormon. At the end of the day, Evangelicals simply don't consider Mormons to be Christians, and they ain't gonna' vote for them. Given the choice between losing to a known quantity and winning by supporting a cult, the most serious diehard evangelicals are going to vote against the cult. Or simply sit it out.

I know a LOT of people who sat it out last night. If 1% HADN'T sat it out, we might have won despite the many other mistakes the campaign made. But, nope. We lost, and albeit losing by a squeaker, we lost big on all fronts last night.

So sound off. What's your opinion?