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When we started this website back in the 1930s, the other 'Bots and I handled all the movie reviews ourselves, despite the fact that our aggregate age was already well over a thousand. Unfortunately, as time has moved on, it's become less and less feasible for us to this in any kind of regular sense. R3 is up to his nose in engineering stuff, and reviews shows as well. R1 is unavoidably detained with his Marvel Secret Wars Historical Recreation Society. And me, well, pretty much I'm chained to this dumb computer all day long as it is, and can never leave the house.

Bottom line: we have grudgingly come to accept there's a need on the site that we can't fill ourselves. We need an official Republibot Movie Critic.

Maybe that could be you? Basically the job entails you becoming an official (unpaid, but highly-regarded) staff member here on the site, with full blogging privileges. Your stuff will be read by hundreds of people every day, your opinions venerated (Or ridiculed, which is frequently the same thing), and you'll get to develop the elusive and enticing "Web Presence" that the kids are so hip on these days. In other words, we can help you build up your own name brand to do your own stuff with when you want to.

Pretty much all you have to do is go see Science Fiction movies as quickly as possible when they come out, review them ASAP, and post 'em on the site. If you're any kind of geek at all, this is kind of a dream job (Apart from the no-pay thing) since you'd be seeing the movies anyhow. And if the site ever actually becomes profitable, there's the possibility of the position becoming a (Very low) paying job.

This offer is open to anyone, not just our regular rogues' gallery of frequent commenters. If you want to try out for it, write up a review of any current SF film, or any SF film from the last six months as a sample of your writing, and email it to me at three@republibot.com

Thank you,
Republibot 3.0
Head Writer and Editor in Cheif