The Walking Dead: "Triggerfinger" (Season 2, Episode 9)


Blood and gore galore. So get those vomit bags out for the tender of heart.

At the end of last week’s episode, Rick had just gunned down two strangers in a bar. Lori, meanwhile, had crashed her car after hitting a walker.

We pick up exactly there. Rick, Glen and Hershel are preparing to leave the bar when a car pulls up outside. Voices sound. They’re the voices of people looking for Dave and Tony, who are unfortunately quite dead. So Rick and company are stuck hiding in the bar.

That beats Lori’s plight. She wakes up to see a walker shredding its own face as it tries to push through a hole in the front windshield. Double super ick. Lori tries to squirm away, but the walker wedges a hand in and grabs her hair. Luckily, the car’s gear shift has come loose. Lori slams it into the walker’s eye and gets free. Of course, this wouldn’t be a true zombie show without another walker lurking right behind. She whacks it with a hubcap. After that, Lori finally locates her gun and enjoys a modicum of safety.

Back with Rick, our new arrivals find the bar, only to be barricaded out by Glen. So they know something’s up. They just want to know where there friends are. Again, they don’t sound particularly evil, keeping up last week’s ambiguity about the morality of killing Dave and Tony. Gun fire inevitably erupts.

Back at the farm, dinner becomes a logical excuse for noticing that Lori is missing. They can’t believe she went out on her own. Which is okay, since neither could the audience. Shane sets out to find her.

Glen and Hershel try to work their way out the bar’s back door. Glen opens fire on someone working the back knob. Eventually, he’s outside and about to get nailed. Hershel shoots his attacker first, after which Glen freezes before being talked back down by Rick. The guy Hershel shot is moaning in pain. That draws in walkers, who feast on him nose first in a particularly grisly scene.

Rick and Glen are pinned down by someone on a roof across the street. A truck shows up, and the driver yells that walkers are coming. He needs the person on the roof to come down. The person tries but slips, impaling their leg on a wrought iron fence. The driver speeds off and leaves them behind. Rick realizes the impaled person is a teenage boy. He wants Hershel to amputate the boy’s leg so they don’t have to leave him. Walkers are converging from either side. Rick and Glen take station to shoot while Hershel tries his best. It’s not exactly optimal operating conditions. Finally, Rick either breaks what’s left of the leg free or breaks it off.

Shane finds Lori. He lies to her that Rick has already returned to get her back to the farm. Which, to be honest, you can’t really hold against him. We all thought Lori was an idiot to have gone off on her own anyway. Needless to say, however, she’s pissed at Shane when they arrive at the farm to no Rick. Shane and Lori have a talk about their past that doesn’t go so well.

Rick and company return. What to do with the injured kid? Rick says let him heal and send him out on his own. Shane says if you send him out on his own, he’ll come back with others. And they’re likely to be pissed.

Maggie and Glen have a tiff. He says he froze when Rick and Hershel needed him because of her. Knowing she loves him, he couldn’t think of her suffering alone if something happened to him.

Andrea agrees with Shane about everything. But she says he needs to work on his presentation skills. After all, there’s nothing in life that Power Point can’t gloss over.

And Lori, in a mildly shocking Lady Macbeth routine, tells Rick about Shane. About how Rick has protected her and Carl, protected what is his. And Shane wants what is his.

Trouble ahead. It’s a tough life, that post-Apocalyptic zombie fest.

Will Conservatives Like This Episodes?

Good, tense action. So yeah, if they’re not too grossed out.