The Walking Dead


Okay, I’m judge jury and executioner here, and for the first time on this series I say… meh. Basically, its 12 non-angry people having an argument you could predict in your sleep.

Which is not to say it’s bad, and there is a heck of a shock at the end. But most of this episode feels so pedestrian. To make a long story short, Darryl beats the truth out of prisoner Randall. Randall was travelling with a group of thirty. They tend to loot and do bad things at times. As in bad things to farmer’s daughters, which obviously doesn’t sit well with those on a farm. Randall swears he’s innocent, but you know this is a post-Apocalyptic world full of zombies where the old rules don’t apply, yadda yadda.

So are we going to sit around and watch a debate over whether to kill Randall for the whole episode? Pretty much. Part of the problem with this is that the above yadda yadda has already been well covered on this show to date. This is a rehash, and like all rehashes identifiable as such, it feels tired. Sure, some of the dialogue and acting is good. But it’s a pacing pot hole from the point of view of the overall series arc.

Retiree Dale is the designated advocate for simple decency. He advocates adequately. Everyone else is an advocate for expediency, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. They vary adequately. Of course they vote to kill Randall. Of course Rick can’t quite bring himself to do it. So obviously Randall will escape next week and everyone will have varying degrees of recrimination. I’m sure they’ll do it adequately.

Sorry to sound so unenthusiastic, but this show has kept me on my toes up to now. Tonight it felt like a snoozefest until the end.

There are two character developments tonight. First, young Carl is turning into a brat who sasses his elders, torments zombies poorly, and is selling out some of the nicer aspects of his personality to become a tough guy. Second, Hershel tells Glenn its okay if he becomes Maggie’s significant other. It might have been more moving if there was much in the way of other choices available. But I like Glen, so good for him.

The big surprise? That would be the zombie little Carl was chucking rocks at when its feet were stuck in the mud. That he then got a gun on his own and tried to shoot, failing miserably and setting it free. That he then neglected to tell anyone about. Seems it followed the young punk back to the farm and guts Dale. Our last shot is Darryl giving the mortally wounded Dale a shot to the head.

So he never knows he won the argument over Randall after he lost. Meh.

Will conservatives like this: Meh.