"Virtuality" premiers tonight!

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Just a reminder, everyone, that "Virtuality," the new Ronald D. Moore SF TV Movie, premiers tonight at 8PM on Fox.

I've got mixed feelings about Mr. Moore. On the one hand, he does generally deliver entertaining shows that are sort of cutting edge and unlike anything else in the genre. On the other hand, his stories ramble quite a bit and he fumbles the narative ball more than any other writer/producer I can think of. So on the one hand, there's a lot to like, and on the other there's a lot to be annoyed by. But he's certainly worth checking out.

I've got mixed feelings about the "Virtuality" series as well. From what little I know about it, the premise sounds a bit early 90s for my tastes. It would have been cutting edge then, but ehm...it's become a bit of a cliche after "Wild Palms" and 15 years of malfunctioning holodecks and what have you. And it was hardly a new idea then (Anyone remember the "Virtual Reality" episodes of "The Prisoner" back in 1968? "A, B, C" and "Welcome to Harmony" are the titles if anyone wants to check 'em out). And of course we've got the obligatory gay relationship, because now that racism is officially dead (And good riddance to it), everyone in Hollywood needs a new issue to preach about.

The point being that I've got a lot of misgivings about the series, and evidently so does FOX since this was intended as a pilot, but it still hasn't been given the green light to go to series, and they've banished it to their infamous Fox Friday Night Death Slot, so the likelyhood of it getting boffo ratings is pretty slim.

Still: just a reminder. It could be good. we'll be reviewing it for you afterwards, in case you don't want to watch it yourselves.