"V" Episode Review Coming Soon

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Hi - R3 has asked me to shoulder the very heavy responsibility of reviewing the second season of "V" right here on Republibot. I am running a little behind schedule though because my Tuesday evenings are generally a mess. I have the show DVRed, I was hoping to find it streaming online, but ABC doesn't seem to understand clearly that concept.

So, check back this evening and I will have it up. If anyone knows if there is any legal place online the Season Opener is streaming, I would appreciate being pointed there. I knew the season was kicking off again soon, but didn't see any promos for it in my sheltered little world.

In the meantime feel free to join me on Facebook as I attempt to write a new joke about the Large Hadron Collider every day right here: Jokes About The Large Hadron Collider (without Sexual Overtones)