THIS USED TO BE THE FUTURE: "Men Into Space" (1959)

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The purpose of this column is to show us cool crap that people thought the future would be like, which, alas, never happened. "Men Into Space" more than qualifies. While there had been SF shows on TV almost since its inception, and not all of them were bad, it was definitely a low-budget affair aimed at kids. "Men Into Space" was the first such show that attempted to make space interesting and entertaining for adults, and to be mildly educational as well.

Not surprisingly, it was a huge bomb. It lasted only one season, and it had a structure similar to UFO (1970) with a large revolving cast and only one central character who shows up in every episode. I've seen two episodes, and rather liked it. I'm trying to scare up a copy of the series to review it for Retrospeculative TV, but in the meantime, content yourself with this first episode, and yet another picture of what the not-too-distant future was expected to be like.

part 2

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and, yes, that *IS* a young Angie Dickinson!