THIS USED TO BE THE FUTURE: Mars, 1960s-style

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I've kind of had it with Mars, and I've totally had it with NASA. I was two when we landed on the Moon, five when we abandoned it, and I was *supposed* to be fourteen when we landed on Mars. They promised.

In fact, they were lying: the 1970 Mars plan (Spearheaded by Spiro Agnew, and very feasible) was DOA as soon as it hit the press. For whatever reason, just six months after Armstrong and Aldrin, public opinion had switched to "Let's fix all the problems on earth, and then go into space in a century or three," mode.

Stupid hippies.

So even though NASA didn't have a Mars program at all from 1971 until Constellation. As of this year (2010), Constellation is officially dead again, and we once again have no Mars program. We have some vague platitudes in place of a solid program, yammered out by the president in order to placate people who really know nothing about Space anyway, and we continue to do nothing, and we'll continue to do nothing.

It took me about twenty five years to catch on, but you know what? Not only are we not going to Mars in my lifetime, we're not going at all. Ever. Someone else might get there someday - the Chinese or the Indians or maybe the ESA - but it certainly won't be the US. If we were going to go, we would have gone when we had the technology, ability, and know-how, but we didn't, and we no longer have those capabilities, so we can't. End of story.

Sad, really.

Here's a look at what the Mars lander would have looked like, had we gone away back then: