THIS USED TO BE THE FUTURE: L5 - The First City in Space

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Perhaps it's wrong to judge our outlook based on Youtube, but I have to suspect that what people put on there shows what people are thinking about, and if it doesn't exist on there already, they make it. If this is true, than a colossal failure of vision in our society is indicated by the near-total lack of stuff about Space Colonies on there, and in daily discussion.

The clip is from a very cheezy early-90s IMAX film about a permanent free-floating space colony. Not a space station per se, but a permanent city anchored in space by the Earth and Moon's gravity. The fact that there aren't hundreds of videos of this kind of thing online, or theatrical movies, and that no one seems to know what they are, and that only one TV show - Babylon 5 - has ever really depicted one as a dramatic location shows exactly how our current visions of the future are missing the boat because, really, Space Colonies hold far greater promise for the future than colonies on other planets do.