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Deadline.com is reporting that ITV America and HDFilms are teaming to 'reimagine' the 70's Gerry Anderson series about the Earth's moon gone a wanderin'.

Okay. Space:2099 is going to have a real steep grade to climb to make the rather goofy (at best) central conceit of the show work. On the other hand, Space:2099 benefits from the rather low bar set by the original in terms of story, science, drama and general watchability.

One request, though--- Don't mess with the Eagles. The Eagle Transporter is one of the best S-F spaceship designs in history, if not THE best.


A small, pretty superficial interview just went online here http://scifistorm.org/2012/02/12/jace-hall-answers-some-questions-about-... with some more details about the shape of the reboot. Bottom line: they're not really allowed to talk about much yet.

What we do know is that
1) It *IS* a reboot
2) At least *some* of the classic characters will exist
3) There is some interest in preserving at least some of the look and equipment from the original show
4) [Heavy sigh] The basic stupid premise of the original show - lost in space with a moon instead of a flying saucer - is the basic stupid premise of the new show as well.

Still: Given that this season is the first one in 25 years not to have a single space-based show on the schedule *anywhere,* I'll take what I can get. Much like I did in 1975.


Jace Hall will actually appear at this year's Alpha:2012 convention with more details on Space:2099... presser HERE