(Un)BREAKING NEWS: Ok, so maybe T2.5 isn't cancelled after all...but it probably will be; Dollhouse too.

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Last week I reported that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (AKA the far punchier "T2.5") was dead, gone, cancelled, toast. Turns out that it's only *probably* dead according to Brian Austin Green, AKA "Unky Reese." The gist of his interview here http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=20811 is some speculation about where the story would go in the third season, and a confirmation of the fact that the show is assuming there are *multiple* possible futures that all co-exist with each other. He confirms that him and his Aussie girlfriend came from paralell-but-related futures, and that the final scene of the season finale involved John Connor jumping to a future in which he never existed, and his father is the head of the resistance. So we *might* get another seasons, but odds are we won't.

In news that is completely unreladed aside from also pertaining to the Fox Friday Night Death Slot, it seems Joss Whedon has resigned himself to "Dollhouse" being not long for this world