TV Review:Smallville:Beast

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The 'Beast'ly Doomsday doesn't make an appearance, but his presence is definitely felt. Tonight's Smallville brought a sense of foreboding and grim decisions to be made.

Chloe is still keeping the monster in her basement. This is not a good idea when you have as many unexpected houseguests as she does...

Quick recap- Chloe has a nightmare where her absence from Davis causes him to rip Clark to shreds- the imagery here is deliberately evocative of the quasi-crucifixion 'Scarecrow' hazing that Clark faced in the pilot episode all those years ago. It's powerful, and causes Chloe to consider the consequences of the path she's chosen.

Jimmy seeks some money to support his drug habit from Ollie. Ollie sees through Olsen's rather transparent excuse, but offers to foot the bill for rehab. Jimmy's not crazy about the idea and splits.

There's a rather long exchange between Chloe and Davis that I just sort of tuned out because it was over the top in the melodrama department. Suffice it to say--we get it. When Chloe's around, Davis is human.

Clark discovers that Doomsday isn't in his grave- Ollie goes to Chloe's apartment, discovers Jimmy stealing money from her cookie jar and gets knocked out by Bloomsday. Ollie and Jimmy end up in the cellar, where they discover that Chloe's been hiding a really big secret.

Clark swoops in, rescues them and whisks Bloom out to the Fortress. Clark attempts to throw Davis into the phantom zone, but Chloe (apparently? I missed a couple of season) uses some Kryptonian tech to teleport herself in and teleport her and Davis out.

At this point, everybody feels a bit betrayed. Okay a lot betrayed. Chloe calls Clark to explain: Since Clark would never forgive himself for condemning Davis to the zone and he won't kill Davis- she's saving Clark by keeping Bloom human.

A dark episode- an interesting premise: "Who will save Clark from his own conscience?" The answer: Chloe- who is willing to sacrifice her life for her friend.

Not much on the 'bright' scale, but several points toward her sainthood, I suppose. It's obvious to everyone (even Clark) that this is a temporary situation at best. I bet it will last for....
...wait for it.... week...

Until next Thursday, when we bring Tess into this particular opera.